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The emission of greenhouse gases due to  burning non-renewable energy resources is considered to be the largest negative impact on global climate change.  Agriculture as practiced globally today is identified as contributing over 20% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide. 

Agriculture is also negatively impacted by global climate change due to changes in the distribution of rainfall, changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere directly aggravating soil's salinity, erosion and desertification. Global warming also contributes to increased proliferation of pests and diseases.

These facts demand more environmentally sound agricultural practices be developed and practiced.  Agricultural projects designed to reduce emissions through energy-related measures such as avoidance of methane emissions, switching to renewables,

Painting of Bacon Farm, Longmont, CO by Trudy Kiteley
or making efficiency improvements will help offset the burgeoning negative impacts of traditional agricultural practices. 
The Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) mission is to support the development of new and innovative food production techniques specifically designed as a low carbon footprint.
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The GYOM mission is to develop, promote and teach sustainable, healthy food production solutions utilizing renewable energy,  energy efficiencies, less water for food production and state-of-art plant science, technology and engineering.