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I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand. Chinese Proverb

We can all agree effecting change begins with education.  Learning is empowering and is the foundation for reaching one's maximum potential regardless of age.  The Grow Your Own Meal first project is to build a food production facility that will serve as a state-of-art hands-on-learning environment.  Hands-on learning is the only way students can directly observe and understand science.   As students develop effective techniques for observing and testing everything around them, they learn the what, how, when, and why, of things with which they interact.

One of GYOM's primary community partners is the St. Vrain Valley School District MESA whose focus is to deliver education for students from first grade through high school that prepare them for future professions in science, mathematics and engineering.  MESA's programs help students to build understanding that is functional and to develop the ability to inquire themselves, in other words, to become independent learners.  

Alan Bernstein, founder of Aquaponic Gardening and the Aquaponic Source on aquaponics as science learning tool
The GYOM food production laboratory will be an very effective tool for science education not only for MESA students, but also for workforce retraining.  Another community affiliate committed to the GYOM's mission of education and outreach is Workforce Boulder WBC whose central focus is workforce training to meet the demands of local businesses for skilled workers. 

Finally, The GYOM laboratory will serve farmer entrepreneurs seeking to learn and enhance the skills necessary to design, build and operate their own profitable alternative farming business.  Through education and outreach the Grow Your Own Meal mission is accomplished. 
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The GYOM mission is to develop, promote and teach sustainable, healthy food production solutions utilizing renewable energy,  energy efficiencies, less water for food production and state-of-art plant science, technology and engineering.