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The 21st Century has seen a dramatic increase worldwide in efforts to advance energy innovations to change the way homes and businesses are powered, cars are fueled and food production is achieved.  Advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies has become an economic necessity as demand outpaces supply of non-renewable energy sources resulting in price increases consumers cannot affort to pay.  Equally important drivers for promoting the development of renewable energy sourcing is the negative environmental impact of burning non-renewable fossil fuels.  It is believed that it is believed that fossil fuel energy providers are the largest source of atmospheric pollution today impacting air pollution, water pollution, the accumulation of solid waste, land degradation thereby to human and animal illness.In agriculture, labor and energy costs are the leading variable operating expenses contributing to the uncertainties small farmers face ensuring profitability of their farming operations.  The Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) mission is specifically designed to encourage the development of food production facilities and technologies optimized for low energy consumption and high cost savings. 

For the first project, the GYOM™ executive team is completely focused and committed to developing an innovative food production facility design that minimizes operational energy costs even as it maximizes food prodution capacity.  For the first iteration of this design, the GYOM™ executive team in collaboration with its partner,
Next Generation Energy has elected to use solar energy to supply heating and cooling within the food production facility.  In addition to the use of a renewable energy source, the food production facility is designed specifically to decrease the cost of energy consumption in the interior space.  Although solar is the renewable energy resource selected for this first project, many others such small hydro, modern biomass, wind, geothermal, and biofuels excellent condidates for future facilities depending only on location, availability and installation costs.  It is expected the lower, long-term operating costs achieved by incorporating significant energy efficiences will more than offset the inital higher cost of building a facility that implements a renewable energy resource as its power source.

If renewable energy and energy efficiencies are an important criteria to encourage lending your support, Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) is a project that reflects this imperative completely.
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