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Increasingly across the globe, communities have begun to dialogue about the importance of balancing food security and food availability at affordable prices.    At the core of the conversation and proposed action items is a firm belief that  real agricultural policy reform is needed to promote environmental and socially responsible forms of farming, strengthen local food production to feed people in their own regions, instead of export oriented and import dependent model, and support sustainable family farms instead of large industrialized units. This reform requires regulatory tools such as supply management intervention and public storage to meet local demand in case of emergency and balanced border regulation to avoid low cost food imports that impinge on local farmer's profitability.  Simultaneous to these efforts at reform is a disturbing trend of large agribusinesses to grab large tracts of land in underdeveloped countries further undermining the sovereignty of citizens

Food security also is essentially all about food safety.  As concerns about tainted food increase due to a wide range of metropolitan and rural areas being infected simultaneously by a single source of food supply, citizens are demanding greater control and information about where their food comes from.  There is also the issue of food safety meaning guaranteed access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food for all citizens regardless of income.  A growing number of low income earners and senior citizens find healthy foods either unavailable or inaccessible as a result of high prices and/or unreachable locations.

The first project of Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) designed to be a template for growing a local food production industry focusing on year round production of fresh vegetables and fish.  Finding and building solutions addressing food safety is core to our mission.  If you have concerns about food safety and want to participate in finding solutions to improving food security, then supporting Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) is a worthwhile cause.



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The GYOM mission is to develop, promote and teach sustainable, healthy food production solutions utilizing renewable energy,  energy efficiencies, less water for food production and state-of-art plant science, technology and engineering.