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Did you know that 2/3 of the water consumed on earth is used to grow food?  It is estimated in 20 years the active demand for water will increase by 40% due to a growing world population and economy even as supplies of fresh, clean water are impacted negatively by climate change.  Increasing water demand requires we change how water is used to meet the demand by boosting cost effective efficiencies and lessening water intensity use specifically in our agricultural practices. 

The first project of Grow Your Own Meal™ (GYOM™) is to design, build and operate a community based, “proof of concept” food production facility.  The central focus of the growing environment is aquaponics, the
symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environmentA principal advantage of aquaponics based growing is aquaponics uses 1/20th of the water necessary to produce an equivalent crop grown via open field farming techniques. 

Aquaponic systems do not discharge or exchange water. The systems rely on the natural relationship between the aquatic animals and the plants to maintain the environment. Water is only added to replace water loss from absorption by the plants, evaporation into the air, or the removal of biomass from the system.

photo by Marion Murphy
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The GYOM mission is to develop, promote and teach sustainable, healthy food production solutions utilizing renewable energy,  energy efficiencies, less water for food production and state-of-art plant science, technology and engineering.