1st project | aquaponics

Aquaponics THEN (circa 1000 ad) Mayan & Aztec farmers
utilizing aquaponic growing techniques

Aquaponics NOW courtesy CNG Farming in Orgeon

The first project of GYOM™ was to design, build and operate a community based, “proof of concept” food production facility in Longmont, Colorado. The central focus of the growing environment is aquaponics, the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.  The food production facility design will incorporate renewable energy sources, as well as energy and water usage efficiencies to lower the high operating costs associated with growing food indoors.  Aquaponics serves as an integrated and sustainable food production model by adopting the following principles: 

  • The waste products of one biological system (aquaculture) serve as nutrients for a second biological system (hydroponics). 
  • Water is re-used efficiently through biological filtration and a recirculation environment, decreasing overall water usage and runoff and 
  • Growing of organic vegetables and fish provide a complete diet source, enhance local crop diversity, improve crop yields and support specialty crop production.  

These principles make the aquaponic growing technique ideal for consideration as both an alternative and supplement to expanding the local agriculture industry of any community and is why the GYOM™ executive team elected to incorporate an aquaponic food production facility as an ideal ‘proof of concept’ demonstration.